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"I did so much enjoy your presentation, and it truly did bring Scripture alive to me personally!  You demonstrated a genuine love for the Lord and a desire to minister personally to those in attendance."
                - Dr. Richard Blackaby
                President, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary

"I am happy to recommend the anointed ministry of Rob Moritz and his "Messages of the Apostle Paul".  His presentation is full of Scripture.   He'll be a blessing to any church or Christian gathering."
             - George W. Westlake Jr.
                Senior Pastor, Sheffield Family Life Center

"I have known Rob for many years.  God has given him a rich anointing, favor and energy to exemplify the messages of Paul the Apostle and drive truth into the hearts of people wherever he ministers."
             - Dr. Costa Deir
                (Now Deceased) Former Executive Director, International Leadership Seminars, Inc.

"Rob has the heart of a servant.  He'll be a blessing to any church or organization that takes advantage of his wonderful ministry.  His "Apostle ministry" is inspirational and anointed, bringing the writings of Paul to life in a way I've never known."
             - Blaine Bartel
                Youth Pastor, Church On The Move, Tulsa

"I am thrilled with the ministry you provide for the body of Christ.   Seeing the Apostle Paul come alive and off the pages of Scripture was a gripping experience for our church.  You bring the Scripture to life as few others can do."
             - Jesse Middendorf
                Senior Pastor, First Church of the Nazarene

"You are a strong encouragement and inspiration to us.  Your mastery of the Biblical text was fresh, stirring, and instructive."
             - Dr. Mark Coppenger
                President, Midwestern Baptist Theological                 Seminary

"I loved visiting the historical locations where the Apostle Paul ministered.   And the extra-dimensional depth given by Rob's costume, dramatized Scriptual presentations was amazing.  We SAW Paul; we HEARD Paul.  We relived his passion to make Christ known."
             - Elaine Stimes
                Steps of the Apostle Paul Tour

"Rob has an uncanny ability to bring Paul's writings to life like no one else I've ever seen."
         - Ronnie Metsker
            President, Kansas City Youth For Christ

"Because of his ability to communicate the Word of God, it is with pleasure that we highly recommend Rob to you. He captivated us with his energy and excitement."
             -Rod Handley
                President, Character That Counts Ministries
                Former Chief Operating Officer, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

"I've known Rob for over 20 years.  He adds a joy and freedom to Paul that is absolutely incredible!"
             - Ray Hildebrand
                Musician and composer, Speckle Music

"I recommend Rob to you and your your church.  Have him; you'll be glad you did!"
Dr. Robert Collins
                Senior Pastor, Plaza Heights Baptist Church

"Rob does an excellent job portraying a vibrant, dynamic Apostle Paul-much as I picture Paul would have ministered."
             - Dr. Bob Johnson
                Senior Pastor, Grandview Assembly of God

"Your wonderful presenation of the Apostle Paul at the Navigators Staff Chapel was INSPIRING!"
             - John Sheffield
                Director, Glen Eyrie Conference Center,                 Colorado Springs