Dear Precious Friends,

    This is your invitation to travel with us on a thrilling, Biblical adventure!

    I have had the joy of dramatizing the messages of Paul for years.   But nothing prepared me for the excitement and profound sense of awe we felt the first time we visited these astonishing New Testament locations.  The Scriptures have been even more meaningful and precious ever since.

    We'll walk where Paul walked, and stand where Paul stood.   We'll explore ancient ruins and historic Biblical sites including Athens, Philippi, Thessalonica, Corinth, the Isalnd of Patmos and even Ephesus in Turkey.  We'll feel the intensity and passion of the First Century Christians.

    We'll marvel at breathtakingly beautiful Greek Islands, surrounded by glistening blue waters.  We'll deepen friendships, and create priceless new ones.   We'll discover fabulous insights into our marvelous Christian heritage.

    Best of all, we'll be inspired to even greater love for our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.  It will be an educational and spiritual adventure of a lifetime, creating memories you'll treasure forever.  Please join us!

    Rejoicing in Him,
    Rob Moritz