The Holy Land Tour With Paul

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Zions Gate

Dramatic Impact Ministries offers trips to the Holy Land escorted by Paul! We can schedule these to accommodate the schedules of most sponsoring churches or organizations.

If you feel your congregation or group might be interested in such a trip, or you’d like us to join you on an upcoming Holy Land trip, please contact us!

At many of the special locations listed below, we’ll enjoy thrilling inspirational messages from God’s Word delivered by Paul. The Bible will come alive to you as NEVER BEFORE!

Listed below is how a typical tour might be experienced.

Day 1 Evening departure from Kansas City, or your city of choice, to Chicago. Overnight flight to Tel Aviv on El Al Airlines, Israel’s exclusive national airline. El Al is probably the safest airline on earth.
Day 2 Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, where our guide and our bus driver will escort us to our beautiful hotel in Tel Aviv. All buses are the state of the art new ones with huge windows. Dinner and overnight.
Day 3 Breakfast at the hotel, short drive to Caesarea. Travel north through the Valley of Sharon to Mt. Carmel where Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal, overlooking the Valley of Armageddon and Mt. Tabor.
Day 4 We’ll begin the day at the headwaters of the Jordan River at the foot of Mt. Hermon. This is reputed to be the site of Peter's confession "You are the Son of God". The next stop is the breathtaking views from the Golan Heights. Traveling south, we descend to the Sea of Galilee and return to our hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day 5 Galilee. We travel south through the Hula Valley to the Mt. of Beatitudes, Capernaum, then cross the Sea of Galilee by boat to Tiberias and lunch on the shore.. We’ll have a Baptismal service at the Jordan River, and anyone wanting to be baptized in the Jordan is welcome to participate. Return to our hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day 6 Today we’ll travel south through the Jordan River Valley. There are some fascinating ruins to visit, including Jewish, Greek, and Roman. On to Jericho and then "Up to Jerusalem." Dinner and overnight at our hotel.
Day 7 Jerusalem. We’ll ascend the Mt. of Olives. You can see the Eastern Gate and Kidron Valley from here. We’ll then travel down to the Garden of Gethsemane and then over to Mt. Moriah.

We travel next along the eastern wall to the City of David, Bethlehem. Then we visit Mount Zion and tour the Temple Mount and the Tomb of King David. Dinner and overnight at our hotel.

Day 8 Today we’ll visit the Wailing Wall and an incredible excavated tunnel which dates back to ancient times.  We’ll tour the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls are housed and see a model of what Jerusalem was like at the time of Jesus.  Dinner and overnight at our hotel.
Day 9 Dead Sea-Massada-Qumran. This morning we’ll descend to the Plains of Jericho, viewing Mt. Nebo where Moses died. We drive along the Dead Sea to Massada. This is the site where 960 Jewish defenders organized their last resistance to the Romans in 70 AD, and then, to avoid capture, finally took their own lives. We’ll go to this amazing desert fortress by cable car.

Our next stop is the Dead Sea for lunch. You will love taking a buoyant "unsinkable swim!."

Return north to Qumran and visit the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.  Return to Jerusalem and overnight.

Day 10 Old City of Jerusalem. We’ll enter the Old City through St. Stephen's Gate, then visit the Pool of Bethesda and the Praetorium. This was the site of the public trial and condemnation of Christ. Follow the road Christ took to the cross. Visit the Garden Tomb for communion.
Day 11 After a special inspirational service, we’ll have lunch in the Old City. Your afternoon will be free for shopping or walking the walls of Old Jerusalem.
Day 12 More unforgettable time in Jerusalem. Finally, we travel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. We have a farewell dinner and transfer to the airport for our final evening in Israel.
Day 13 Depart Tel Aviv in the very early morning for our overnight return flight. Arrive Chicago in the morning, and on to Kansas City or your own city of origin.

After your "Once In A Lifetime" Holy Land Tour, your Bible will forever be more alive to you than ever before!