1st Century Weekends

We’d like to invite you and your church to consider hosting a FIRST CENTURY WEEKEND, one of the most exciting events available anywhere for winning friends to Christ and building the membership of your church!

What is a First Century Weekend?

On a Friday evening and during the day on Saturday, the Apostle Paul  will personally train 20-30 members of your church. They’ll have a delightful time learning how to effectively and inspirationally bring to life a character from the New Testament.

No previous drama experience is needed– but you won’t believe what an outstanding performance each one will be enabled to give! These members of your own church will be outfitted with First Century costumes and taught how to choose a New Testament story to tell, and then select or develop a character to tell that story. We show them how to commit the Scriptural account to memory and then dramatically present their character’s testimony in a captivating 2-3 minute performance.

What is “Touched By A Miracle”?

This is the public presentation of all the thrilling testimonies! It takes place in your church or civic hall which we have all decorated together with artifacts resembling those of Biblical times. The setting is the marketplace of Jerusalem several years after the resurrection of Christ. Believers from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Capurnaum, and other areas have gathered to share their testimonies of how a personal encounter with Christ transformed their life.

The public performances take place on Saturday evening, Sunday morning and Sunday evening (or any two of these times, if you prefer). The team assembles on stage and with enthusiasm, boldness and passion bring their characters to life in a dynamic dramatic 80 minute presentation known as “Touched By A Miracle”!

Can our members really do a great job in such a short amount of preparation?

Absolutely! Virtually everyone will give an incredible performance. For their 2-3 minutes, they will hold the audience spellbound with the powerful testimony of their own personal encounter with Jesus!


What if someone forgets their lines?

We don’t give you lines to memorize. We teach you instead how to immerse yourself in your character and his Scriptural story. Then you give the account in first person as if it actually happened to you.

Remember, we have all had a lifetime of experience telling stories about things we’ve experienced and people we’ve met. That’s why everyone finds it so easy and natural to relate a New Testament character’s story.

And if by some rare chance a person should forget part of their story, there are 25 other people on the stage with them who can easily prompt them by asking them a question right in front of the audience!

For example, on one occasion a man portraying the Centurion soldier at the Cross forgot what he had yelled out at Jesus’ crucifixion. Another member of the team onstage simply asked him aloud, in front of everyone, “Apollus, didn’t you tell me that at that moment you exclaimed “Truly this man was the Son of God?” And with a big grin the person portraying the soldier said “Yes, as a matter of fact that’s exactly what I said!” –and then he proceeded to finish his gripping account of the event!


How do we publicize it?

We have absolutely gorgeous full-color half-sheet flyers, printed in color on both sides, that your church members and the cast members can use to invite others to the event. They are beautiful, and we’ll even print them for you with all the pertinent information relating to the Date, Time and Location of your performances! The cost on these full color flyers, printed with your event information, is only $7 per hundred, or $60 per thousand. That means your members can personally give a beautiful flyer to 1,000 people for only $60!

You may want to use them in a mass mailing inviting everyone who lives within a few miles of your church. We promise that you will be proud of both the flyers and the performances of your church members!

The full-color flyers make it easy for everyone in your congregation to invite their friends. And drama team members invite more than anyone else. normally bringing about 10-13 visitors per cast member. So a cast of 25 alone should be able to get about 250-300 visitors to at least one of the performances! That’s a lot of potential salvations and new members!



But don’t people have a hard time inviting their friends to a church service?

Normally, it’s a little awkward for the typical Christian to invite another person to church with them. That’s why there simply is not an easier time to invite a friend, relative, neighbor or business associate, than for a dramatic performance in which you are personally participating. Many will come simply because you asked them to come give you “moral support“!

What about Newspaper Advertising?

We have professional black and white ad slicks for newspaper ads as well.

What about Radio Spots?

Go for it! Everything you can do to get the word out is great!

But always remember: over 85% of all people who come to a church service do so because they were personally invited by someone they know.

What about costumes and decorations?

If your church has costumes or there is another church you know from where you can borrow them, that’s wonderful. Dramatic Impact Ministries also has costumes you can use as well.

We also have some decorations, and we train the cast in what items to look for and bring to finish decorating the set.

What’s the cost?

We’ll even be glad to teach you how to raise the funds for all your expenses in advance. Some groups, in fact, use the performances as fundraisers. The Saturday evening performance, for example, is a perfect opportunity for offering a “First Century Banquet”, complete with marvelous entertainment!

After all, if this helps encourage new families to visit and subsequently join your congregation, what’s each new family worth?

And if it brings souls into the Kingdom of God, what’s the worth of a new brother or sister in Christ?

Sounds Great! What Do I Do Next?

Please give us a call at (913) 406-3659We’ll help you make this the most exciting event on your calendar this year!

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