Weekend with Apostle Paul

What would it have been like to have been part of one of the churches where Paul ministered?Would he have simply delivered a single message on Sunday morning?

Or, would he have spent hours in close fellowship with the believers… imparting his heart, his vision, his passion… sharing his love for the Savior….revealing the insights God had given him into the Old Covenant, Abraham and the Messiah?

What would it have been like to spend a weekend with the Apostle Paul… listening to him share his heart, asking questions, discussing our Lord and the Scriptures together?

You may not be able to spend personal time with Paul himself today– but you can have the next best experience to the real thing!

Rob Moritz has spent nearly 25 years in Christian ministry. The past several years he has devoted himself to committing to memory and dramatizing the messages of the Apostle Paul. He has soaked up both the Gospels and the Old Testament as well, asking God to be able to see them through the eyes and revelation given to St. Paul.

Dramatizing the Apostle Paul in costume, Rob will make you feel like you are actually spending priceless quality time with the man responsible for more souls brought to Christ than anyone else of his generation.

During A Weekend With the Apostle Paul“, the members of your church or group will have the opportunity to be warmed by Paul’s heart. Inspired by his vision. Challenged by his example. Encouraged by his humility. Moved by his compassion.

The event takes place at your church. Or, if you prefer, at a hotel or retreat center. Wherever you want it to be.

Usually, the retreat lasts from Friday evening through Saturday noon. That’s enough time to make a life-transforming impression on your people. The Scriptures will come alive for all of you as never before!

But if you want to extend Paul’s weekend stay with you, there’s certainly no lack of topics, material and Scriptures.

Remember, Rob dramatizes the Apostle Paul for 10 day tours retracing the Steps of Paul through Philippi, Thessalonica, Corinth, Athens, Crete, Rhodes, and Ephesus. And, for tours to the Holy Land as well.

So enjoy life with the Apostle Paul through Saturday evening if you want. Or Sunday morning or Sunday evening, for that matter. Whatever will work best for your church or group.

Rob also enjoys having fun, so feel free to plan some games and activities if you want (after all, he did spend 17 years in full-time youth ministry and it’s still not all out of his system). He likes to eat, too!

And, if you want to make him think he’s gone back up to the “third heaven” again, you can even take him to play golf when it’s all over!

Let’s plan an event that will inspire you and our brothers and sisters in Christ forever!

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