Accolades for First Century Weekend

A few comments from participants in our
First Century Weekends and
“Touched By A Miracle” Performances

“This was a whole new experience for me, and it had an incredible impact on my life. It was fun to get to know these characters and for a brief period become these characters. Best of all, it was incredible to be able to witness to people and rekindle that flame in their hearts; so that they and all of us could leave here on fire for God and ready to serve Him.”
Alyson (portrayed “Claudia, Pilate’s Daughter”)
“What an experience! It was so exciting to be able to use my own real life testimony to create and share a character who met Jesus face to face. The Scriptures came to life for me. It brought back the fire I experienced when I first met Jesus personally, and I think it did the same for everyone. And the energy from the fellowship was phenomenal! God is truly awesome!”
Carrie (portrayed a prodigal daughter restored to her family after hearing Jesus tell the parable of the prodigal son)

“Rob, the First Century Weekend certainly had a ”Dramatic Impact” on us—cast and audience alike! This positive and profound experience will reap benefits now and into eternity. Thanks for your faithfulness to Scripture and to His call.”
Pastor Gary (Leper cleansed by Christ)

“The whole weekend was a tremendous blessing to me. I didn’t really know what to expect. It sounded like fun, but it seemed like a pretty big chunk to take out of a weekend. I felt the Lord was urging me to go ahead and sign up, though. I’m so glad I listened (if I would have had ANY idea what a great time it would be, I would never have hesitated!).

“God used this experience to show me several things. It first of all made the characters in the Bible become so REAL to us! We learned new techniques to help make the Bible come alive. This is a great witnessing tool! I deepened some friendships with other church members participating—and got a vision of how great it would be to continue this drama ministry in our church.

“Rob, Dramatic Impact is a truly unique, creative way to share the Gospel. Your friendliness and enthusiasm really helped motivate each person in the cast.”
Rhonda (portrayed Mary Magdelene)

“Playing Matthew helped me realize what kind of impact Jesus must have had on adults… Thank you for the gift of letting me draw closer to others for whom I am a shepherd. I learned much more about them through this than I ever thought possible.”
Jeff (Matthew, former tax collector turned Apostle)

“It was a tremendous opportunity in many ways! You gave us the chance to do something as a family that made the Bible come alive and seem more real. It also helped us to relate to others in the church family and get to know them better.

“We signed our children up and made them participate, as they are both hesitant to try new things… but I just felt they could benefit from the opportunity. It was REALLY great for Melody! We knew she had creative talents, but getting her to perform in public was a challenge. Now she can’t wait to do it again!”

“So thank you! Another benefit was seeing what we could do with less than 24 hours preparation. People I talked to after our performances figured we’d been working at least a month on it. And it really wasn’t that hard to do! I also loved the fellowship we had together while doing it. We got to know each other a little better, and to develop a bond because of this experience.”
Carol (Martha, of Mary and Martha)

“It was a wonderful experience! I’ve never done anything like this, but it was the funnest thing I have ever done. I learned a lot. It TREMENDOUSLY deepened my relationship with God and the others doing it!”
Melody (Mary of Mary and Martha)

“I had a great time. I was surprised at first, because I had expected written lines. But the process of developing my own character helped me to better understand the story. I also got to know some people better, even though we were already friends.”
Jason (son of the Centurian at the cross)

“If you know of a church that might be interested in hosting a FIRST CENTURY WEEKEND, please have them contact us at (913) 962-5642. It’s an exciting discipleship/spiritual growth experience, and an effective tool for community-wide evangelism as well. You will see lives deeply touched because of it—among both the audience and the participants as well!”
Rob Moritz (The Apostle Paul)




“The First Century Weekend at Memorial Missionary Baptist was a marvelous experience! We had an outstanding team of characters, including Mary, the Mother of Jesus; the Gadarene demoniac; an eyewitness to the stoning of Stephen; the boy with the Loaves and Fishes; the Roman centurion at the cross; a leper who was cleansed; the Apostle James; the widow with two mites; Martha, sister of Lazarus; a girl raised from the dead; and about 15 more. They gave incredible performances!

A few comment card quotes:

“The Bible unfolded before my eyes.”

“The characters were excellent! I got chills listening!”

“It lifted up my heart and soul. Thank you!”

“Touched By A Miracle”

Celebration Community Church

We had a marvelous experience at Celebration Community Church! With a cast of about 28, some of the characters portrayed were:

Mary Magdelene • Lazarus Friend • Partner of the Thief on the Cross • The Woman at the Well •  The Centurion at the Cross Doubting Thomas • The Widow with Two Mites •  People healed by Christ, including the Paralytic (lowered through the roof) •  one of the 10 Lepers • Witnesses to the Resurrection and the Ascension • Martha, of Mary and Martha; and many more!

The decision cards indicated that two prayed to receive Christ for the first time. 29 said they recommitted their lives to the Lordship of Christ. 80 shared that it deepened their love for and appreciation of the Scriptures.

We also had lots of good comments on the feedback cards, including:

“The performance was WONDERFUL”

“Great job—felt the Holy Spirit working!”

“It was very true to the Biblical account. It thrilled my heart. It made me want to tell others about Jesus!”

“They did a wonderful job of presenting their characters in a very real manner.”

“It was awesome! You all did a VERY great job!”

“So neat to see an example of God’s Living Word! To imagine living during the time that Jesus walked on earth—how exciting it will be to meet Him face to face one day!”

“The testimonies were a very spiritual experience”

“Great way to present the Gospel—gave me a whole new perspective on the Word!”

“Your performances touched our hearts!”

“Very good professional performances—enjoyed the program”

“I especially enjoyed seeing people who were moved enough to share their story with us with such enthusiasm!”

“Spirit-filled, powerful service!”

“Dramatic performances are a very good way to impact lives. Very thought-provoking”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Excellent testimonies. This is an outstanding way to “personalize” the Holy Scriptures”

“Very powerful—the actors were very convincing. Marvelous way to present the Gospel!”

“Very warm and personal presentation of the Glorious Gospel!”

“It was wonderful! Enjoyed everybody’s performance. Let’s do it again!”

“The performance was very touching. Wonderfully done. I’m very happy to have experienced such a beautiful event!”

“Everyone did a wonderful job!”

Thanks to all our marvelous cast! Rob


“Touched By A Miracle” performances were held in Topeka, at Westside Baptist Church.. It was absolutely a dream! This particular church was so full of loving and enthusiastic people. Plus, the majority of the cast were teenagers! And they did a SUPER JOB!

The person who portrayed the woman caught in adultery did an outstanding job, and so did her son, who did the boy with 5 loaves and 2 fish. She wrote afterwards:

“I feel like I know some of my church family on a deeper level than I did before the weekend…
Spiritually, I think it will help me be quicker to share my own story of how Jesus has changed my life…

I enjoyed canvassing the neighborhood in costume with a couple kids. We had a good time meeting lots of people. Almost everyone was very cordial and I felt we really were carrying a message of hope. I noticed several of those we invited came.

My son has had lots of secular theater experience and wants to pursue dramatics/music as a career. It was good to expose him to the possibility of using his talent to spread the gospel.”

A few new characters portrayed that we haven’t had before were:

The Innkeeper in Bethlehem the night Mary and Joseph showed up;

The son of Barabbas, telling about how much he loved his Dad and how they chose to set his father free and crucify Jesus in his place. Barabbas was the first person who could say “Jesus died in my place!”

Phineas, a priest who got to know Jesus when he was 12 years old in the temple, and stayed in touch with him through the years when Jesus would subsequently visit Jerusalem;

This was a marvelous weekend— they really glorified the Lord in all their portrayals. Their pastor, Wayne Mason, was very proud of them, to say the least!

By the way, he also portrayed a character we haven’t had before: “James, the brother of Jesus”. As he said “Do you know how HARD it was growing up with an older brother who was PERFECT???!! My folks were always saying to us” Why can’t you be more like Jesus?…”

If you would like to have “Touched By A Miracle” or “The Apostle Paul” at your church, please recommend it to your pastor. Have him visit our website and check out our ministry!

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