Rob Moritz

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Dramatizing the actual messages of the Apostle Paul is precisely the goal of Rob Moritz, founder of Dramatic Impact Ministries. Currently a Shawnee, Kansas resident, Rob spent his first 17 years after college graduation both as a church youth pastor and as Assistant to the President of Kansas City Youth for Christ.

In 1992, he reports feeling especially led by God to study the heart and life of the Apostle Paul. Rob believed God wanted him to seek to capture the passion, worldview and enthusiasm of the Apostle.

Initially thinking this was “just something between the Lord and me”, Rob found real personal fulfillment in saturating himself in Scripture – especially in the words of St. Paul. Only when others eventually learned what he was doing and started requesting performances did he catch the vision of sharing this experience with others.

While traveling the world on behalf of Christ is pretty heady stuff, Rob would probably be the first to tell you that his greatest adventure is his partnership with his wife Danielle. Devoting themselves to raising Robbie, Jeremy, Davey, Mindy and Andrew, the five children with whom God has gifted them, is certainly a major source of the love and enthusiasm, deep peace and joy that are so much a part of Rob and his labors of love for the Lord.

Rob Moritz – 20 centuries after the Apostle Paul, enthused, energetic, totally sold-out to God, dedicated to full time ministry and “determined to do all within his power to spread the gospel and win souls to Jesus Christ.”